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  • Mission Critical Hosting

    Serious Web Hosting for Serious Websites

    Incredibly Secure
    Very Reliable
    Built for Speed and Power
  • We Have Skin in the Game

    We Need to Rely on our System as Much as You!

    Years of Experience
    Sites Never Go Down (100% uptime)
    High Traffic Handled With Ease

Optimate Web Hosting, since 2002

Wollongong, NSW

Based in Wollongong and providing Mission Critical Web Hosting to the Illawarra, across NSW and interstate through word of mouth.

We do better than the “99.9% uptime” quoted everywhere else — Mission Critical Web Hosting is 100% uptime. Your site literally never goes down. We need to rely on our system as much as you do.

We’re not the cheapest hosting provider around, but then, we can’t afford to be! View our plans here.

We Have Skin in the Game

We are not a hosting company that crams as many sites onto an underpowered server as possible for maximum dollars.

We run our own sites and have skin in the game. We have to rely on our system as much as you do.

We don’t care to be the biggest, or cheapest web hosting company around. Should you host with us, we guarantee you’ll be one of a special few — not one of many — getting personalised attention and care.

  • Mission Critical Hosting

    We specialise in ecommerce and database websites and hosting, so we need to rely on our system as much as you need to!

    We run an incredibly secure and reliable network built for power and speed, housed in a SAS70 Certified Tier 1 global datacentre and maintained 24/7 by proficient Australian system administrators.

    Which is the technical way of saying we make sure your site is up, not down.

    Serious hosting for serious websites.

  • Power, Speed, Reliability

    Each server has eight quad-core CPUs—this is the power behind our enterprise class server node.

    We are not reliant on a single telco with a single internet backbone for our connectivity. Access to six concurrent multiple uplink providers ensures your site is online when the Googlebot comes. Two of the six providers are used at any one time. Should one go down, our system switches to another immediately—there are another four to choose from after all!

    Large, high demand websites? High traffic? Live content delivery? All these are handled with ease with no compromises. Our servers are configured to cope with thousands of simultaneous connections and the delivery of fast streaming media.

  • Ecommerce and Blogs

    We have years of experience in ecommerce and databases, as well as with database-driven content such as blogs. Our servers are tweaked for maximum efficiency.

    Our Mission Critical Hosting means your site never goes down (100% uptime) and our rock-solid infrastructure ensures your site can handle high traffic.

    We can install a secure certificate on your site so you benefit from the peace of mind the padlock symbol brings.

    If you’re looking to build an ecommerce or blog site but lack the knowledge, we can help you build your own self-managed one with our complementary web design business Broad Ribbon Designs. We specialise in responsive layout websites—sites that look great on all devices, meaning your site will look great and work just as well on any screen from a smartphone through to a tablet and right up to a desktop.

Need a Website, or to Move One?

Have a chat with us!

If you have an existing site with the CPanel® control panel interface, nothing could be simpler in moving it to our servers. We have ported everything from simple four-page sites to massive database-driven private forums with years of data to safeguard.

If you don’t, then yes, it is definitely a more involved procedure, but it can still be done — we have done this countless times!

If you’re after a new site, tap into our years of experience as web designers too, through our complementary web design business Broad Ribbon Designs. We are the same people and know both web hosting and web design intimately.

Should none of our plans quite suit your needs, we can certainly tailor one that will.