Short Answer 1:

Quite frankly, we need to rely on our system as much as you do.

Short Answer 2:

We treat this business very seriously.

Reason 1: 100% Uptime

We have access to SIX connections to the internet, two of which are used at any one time. Should one fail for any reason, the system switches to one of the ‘spare’ four immediately.

Reason 2: Backups

Every single one of our web hosting accounts is backed up four days a week, with five different versions always available. Backups are routinely made every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with the newest backup from the previous rotation kept for added peace of mind. For example, on any one Tuesday, there will be a backup from the day before (Monday), the Sunday before that, the Friday before that, the Wednesday before that, and the Monday before that!

Come Thursday, that first Monday backup will be replaced by the following Wednesday backup which has become the ‘newest oldest’, and so on.

We can restore any account very quickly from any of those backups.

Reason 3: And Yet More Backups

Not only are (your) individual accounts and sites backed up, but the entire server those accounts are on is backed up too. And to several locations many kilometres apart.

Reason 4: We Don’t Crowd Servers

We don’t shoehorn more and more websites into less and less space. That is a great way to chew up resources and slow everything down to the point of uselessness!

Rather, we invest in our servers with frequent upgrades, more disk space, more RAM, and faster processors.

We’re not the cheapest hosting provider around, but then, we can’t afford to be!

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